Funding Your Healthcare Business – Why Use A Specialist Brokerage Service?

Posted by Emma Robison on Aug 23, 2019 3:00:00 PM
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Funding Your Healthcare Business – Why Use A Specialist Brokerage Service

Whether you're establishing or expanding a healthcare business, you'll almost certainly need to raise finance to achieve your goals. However, due to the manner in which the UK healthcare sector is funded, the array of options available and the strict criteria used by conventional lenders, finding a suitable funding method can be challenging. A specialist finance brokerage, such as Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd, can help you to navigate your way through the healthcare funding maze.

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Key Reasons For Using A Brokerage Service

Many business owners who require funding head straight to a High Street bank. However, there are alternative solutions on the market, some of which could be better suited to your needs. Additionally, although conventional lenders often see the healthcare sector as being relatively stable, particularly when NHS contracts are involved, they may be reluctant to provide finance to new businesses, providers who rely on a single source for most of their clients, or companies with insufficient assets to enable them to qualify for secured loans.

Finding a competitively priced financial product can be a time-consuming and confusing process, however, and if you don't have in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector, you could make a costly mistake. Thankfully, a reputable credit broker will be able to provide you with tailored guidance so you can select an appropriate lending instrument, and can match you with lenders who can provide the type of finance you require. When you choose Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd as your broker, you'll also receive impartial advice, as well as full and clear information about any financial products we recommend and the fees involved.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Broker With Healthcare Industry Expertise

If you decide to use a broker, it also makes sense to select one with experience of working within the healthcare sector, as they'll understand the lender’s requirements and the challenges you face. There are a host of funding solutions available to companies, including commercial loans and mortgages, asset finance and refinance, and invoice finance, and the best product for one company or business scenario may not suit another.

The most suitable option for someone converting a building into a care home, for example, may not be appropriate for a dental practice owner buying a new x-ray machine. A specialist healthcare broker will have the expertise required to find the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

If you choose a broker with a proven track record of arranging financing solutions for healthcare companies, you'll also benefit from the relationships that they've built up over the years. At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd, not only have we established close links with many funding providers, we have access to experts who can assist you with the contractual side of things.

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To learn more about healthcare funding and how we can help, download our free Specialist Funding for Healthcare Guide or contact our friendly team.

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