Start-Up Business Loans – How Soon Will Your Company Be Able to Take One Out?

Posted by Martin Collins on Aug 19, 2019 2:45:08 PM

It doesn't matter how profitable you believe your business concept could eventually be, you'll need funds to get your company off the ground. Many company founders looking for finance iminmediately contact conventional lenders, such as banks, and apply for start-up business loans. However, start-up loans aren't the only funding solutions available for fledgling companies – and sometimes they aren't as suitable for new firms or easy to obtain as you might think.

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Is Invoice Finance Suitable For Start-up Businesses?

Posted by Emma Robison on Sep 7, 2018 2:54:20 PM



As a start-up business, you are at a significant disadvantage compared with your established competitors when it comes to raising operating finance. Nobody knows you, who you are and what your financial track record is – because you don’t have one yet. That paucity of detail is anathema to conventional financial houses.

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