How To Secure Funding In The Healthcare Sector

Posted by Martin Collins on Dec 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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How To Secure Funding In The Healthcare Sector

If you want your healthcare company's application for finance to be accepted, you'll need to be prepared. So, what are finance providers looking for and how can you boost your chances of securing the funding you require?

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What Criteria Do Finance Providers Consider?

When you apply for a Healthcare business loan, a commercial mortgage or another business funding solution, your prospective lender will check your eligibility. Some products are specifically designed for start-up companies or practices, for example. If you're applying for a secured loan, you'll need to have sufficient assets to provide as collateral.

If your organisation meets the basic criteria, the lender will check your application and documents in more detail, to determine the risk associated with the loan. They'll consider factors such as your personal experience in this field, and perhaps how long you've been in business, your credit score, how healthy your cash flow is, and whether your customer base provides enough diversity.

How Can You Improve Your Chances Of Success?

Fortunately when taking a strategic approach there are several things that you can do to show your chosen lender that you won't be a high-risk client. Firstly, ensure your ‘house is in order’ before applying for any form of funding, as your potential lender will go through your financial records and business plan with a fine toothcomb.

Check your business and/or personal credit score and, if necessary, take steps to repair it. Pay off other debts if possible, and make sure your accounts show that you can afford to make repayments when they're due. If your cash flow isn't optimal, you could use other financial solutions to improve it before applying for additional types of finance.

Consider using a provider that specialises in funding healthcare companies. They'll be more likely to understand the challenges you face and view your application favourably. Check the eligibility criteria of your chosen product carefully, to ensure your business meets them. Prepare the documentation your provider is likely to ask for in advance.

Arrange A Free Consultation

To find out more about how you can maximise your chances of securing funding for a healthcare company, get in touch with our advisors for a free, no-obligation consultation. With our wealth of experience in lending specifically to your sector we can help you find an appropriate provider and support you through the process to deliver a successful funding application.


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