Your cash flow finance options - coming out of lockdown

Posted by Emily Eaton on Jun 29, 2020 4:53:07 PM
Emily Eaton

As we finally come out of lockdown and restrictions begin to ease, many of us are relieved, if not a little nervous, to have our businesses back open and trading again.

After this strange time where many businesses have not been trading at all or have been running on reduced hours, you may need a little help to get up and running again.

Have you considered an Invoice Finance solution?

Invoice Finance can be used to get instant payments from your invoices,  putting cash straight into your business and not having to wait, meaning you have the facility to pay your staff, pay suppliers and keep up with demand.

We have a panel of lenders that are looking to provide invoice finance, particularly in the construction and trade industries.

Facilities can be adapted to your businesses processes for example, you may want to do the cash collection in-house or you may decide it would be better for the  invoice finance provider do the cash collections for you. 

You may not want to factor all your clients, however, just a selective few, due to shorter payments terms with some of your customers.

Am I eligible for Invoice Finance?

To be eligible for invoice finance, all your business needs is to offer credit terms on your invoices (14-120 days) and have customers that are other businesses rather than members of the public.

Want to know more?

If you think that invoice finance would benefit your business, or if you would just like to discuss your options, please call Emma on 0786 667 2791.

Or download our Invoice Finance Guide for more information.




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