Is it time to borrow against existing assets or utilise cash?

Posted by Mark Chandler on Jul 20, 2020 5:36:59 PM
Mark Chandler

Financially, the Covid-19 Crisis is being billed as the worst recession in living memory and, in truth, the financial element is still to hit. So what do we do? As in all financial crises there are winners and losers. The government has waived stamp duty on purchases below £500k to stimulate the market but, in times of uncertainty, will that be enough to stop a fall in asset values?

In most recessions the losers are those that are asset rich and cash poor. The winners are cash rich or liquid and able to take advantage of opportunities to purchase distressed assets at reduced prices.

In the Real Estate Arena, is it time to borrow against existing assets to be able to harvest the opportunities, or utilise cash to leverage and borrowing to cease opportunities?

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Business Finance Solutions (UK) Limited are able to obtain competitive loans and mortgages against existing Real Estate assets or against new purchases, including Auction purchases, Bridging loans, Land bank and Development loans.

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