How Building Relationships With Lenders Can Boost Your Vehicle Rental Company's Growth

Posted by Emma Robison on Jan 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM
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How Building Relationships With Lenders Can Boost Your Vehicle Rental Companys Growth

If you're planning to expand your vehicle rental business, you're probably already working hard to build good relationships with customers and suppliers. However, if you aren't strengthening your relationships with finance providers too, you could be missing a trick. Let's take a look at why forming strong links with the right lenders can help you achieve your business goals.

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The Importance Of Developing Long-Term Relationships With Finance Providers

Whether you're looking for asset finance so you can increase your fleet, a corporate loan to support your commercial enterprise or perhaps a business mortgage, you'll need to manage the lenders and ensure they see you in the best way possible and demonstrate why you aren't a high-risk option. The better the lender knows you, the easier that will be. All funding providers have stringent processes and credit policies in place to ensure that companies applying for finance meet specific criteria. They're more likely to consider your application favourably if you've already demonstrated that you meet those criteria.

Once a lender trusts and understands you, not only will they be more confident when approving your funding applications, you may also qualify for the more attractive rates. What's more, when you establish long-term relationships with lenders, they'll get to know your business, so they'll be aware of issues including seasonal income fluctuations, and that relationship lets them tailor their approach to working with you accordingly.


How To Develop Fruitful Relationships With Lenders

A key point when building those relationships is to ensure you're dealing with the most appropriate lenders for you. Working with providers who can't offer you exactly what you require can often simply be a waste of time. While you may already be aware of many mainstream providers, you might find that using a specialist lender with vehicle rental sector experience is a better option. Working with these lenders may support you as you build close relationships with greater ease. An impartial credit broker, such as Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd, can discuss your options and support you by partnering with providers and products to meet your needs.

Once you've begun to work with a particular lender, keep up to date with providing management information and, of course, your payments, in order to build trust and improved understanding. It's crucial to be transparent with them and provide them with as much information about your company and its operations as you can. If you're open with them, they'll get to know your business and provide you with a more responsive service.


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While it takes time and effort to develop a relationship with your lender, it is a worthwhile endeavour and, ultimately, will help you grow your business more rapidly. You can find out more about how to work with finance providers effectively in our free Guide to Funding and Financing For The Vehicle Rental Industry.

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